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Best Foods to Serve on Football Sunday

October 11, 2016

Fall is commonly associated with activities such as apple picking and pumpkin picking, as well as holidays such as Halloween, but aside from all that, there’s one more thing that makes fall so exciting…the return of football season! Regardless of who you’re cheering for, football is one sport that can really bring everyone together, and if you’re a big fan, we bet your Sundays are dedicated to it! That said, if you have plans to throw a game-day party, here are some of the top foods you should have ready:


Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are such a fan favorite that you simply can’t not have them during a football party. And it certainly doesn’t matter if you serve them as an appetizer or a side dish with your main meal, we’re confident that every one of your guests will love them! Just remember to have plenty ready and enough dipping sauce – people can’t get enough of finger foods!

Chips and Salsa

And maybe even some queso or other form of dip on the side too! Chips and salsa are an awesome pre-meal snack and can keep guests satisfied until the main meal arrives. However, since you don’t want everyone to fill up too quickly and leave no room for the food that’s to come later, you may want to consider putting out just one or two bowls of chips to start.


Whether bone-in or boneless, buffalo or BBQ, wings are a classic that deserve a spot on any Sunday football menu. If wings are something you plan on serving, then it should also go without saying that you’ll need some celery and carrots for the side, along with a few different dipping options – common favorites are ranch or bleu cheese.


For your main meal, pizza is always a great option – it’s easy and something that most everyone loves! Should you want to get creative you can always make your own, but if you plan on ordering make sure you do so well in advance, since chances are many other football fans are doing the same!

Along with your appetizers, snacks and main meal, don’t forget about dessert – your guests will definitely be looking for something sweet later in the day! In addition to traditional desserts such as cookies, cake, or perhaps an apple pie (perfect for fall!), we have something else for you to think about – these chocolaty dipped football berries from! Aside from how delicious they taste, these are ideal desserts because they’re super shareable, meaning there’s plenty to go around!