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How To Create a Holiday Dessert Bar

December 11, 2018

The holiday season is all about friends, family, togetherness and…dessert, of course! If you’re attending holiday parties or throwing one yourself, you know how setting up a delicious dessert bar will really please your partygoers. Treat your guests to a spread that’s as sweet as this time of year by following these tips on creating the perfect holiday dessert bar:


Set Up Your Space

Since holiday desserts should have their own moment to shine, it’s important to find a separate space to set up your sweet selection. Think outside of the box and utilize a small dresser or a vanity to display your goodies. If you have lots of dessert ideas, arranging them on multiple tables in a separate room is a great way to add an extra element of excitement to your holiday gathering.

Choose A Theme

You might want your dessert bar to have it’s own theme, separate from your party. From “Winter Wonderland” to “Christmas Cabin In the Woods,” dress your table according to the colors of your theme. Fabrics like shower curtains or tablecloths are easy decorating choices, but if you’re feeling extra festive opt for a natural backdrop like twigs of holly or spruce. Mixing materials will give your table a unique feel–so grab those cloth napkins to go with that paper table covering and add in some texture with dried holiday flowers scattered throughout. Finish off the space by setting up cake stands and festive holiday platters and bowls–after all, this is the best time to pull out those fancy dishes and silverware you never get to use.

Label Your Sweets

Create custom place cards for each one of your desserts to let guests know what it is they’re indulging in. If food allergies are an issue at your party, you might want to list all of the ingredients in each sweet to ensure that everyone can have a piece of the pie (literally)! Labels can be easily created on the computer, or for that extra personal touch, handwritten in calligraphy. Keep your place cards in line with your theme. Choose birch paper to compliment your woodsy theme, or white glitter to match your snowy winter fête. If each guest brings a signature holiday dessert that they’re famous for, give them credit on the place card, letting everyone know that Rachel did it again with her “Rudolph Rum Pie.”

Mix Homemade With Store Bought Items

Since it’s inevitable that you’ll need lots of preparation time to get ready for your holiday gathering, make it easy on yourself by mixing homemade delicacies with delicious store bought ones. Focus your efforts on making one or two signature desserts and ask guests to bring some of their favorites too. Then, rely on local bakeries and specialty stores to help with the rest. Appeal to both your sweet loving and healthy holiday guests by having something for everyone!

Offer decadent cookies, snowman cake pops and rich brownies and don’t forget to include guilt-free options like a festive fruit display too! You can group similar desserts together to create symmetry and order at your bar. Place all of the candy in one place and the cookies in another. And don’t forget the drinks! Your guests will certainly appreciate a cup of holiday tea or coffee to finish off their sweet meal. Peppermint tea or gingerbread coffee creamers add a final holiday touch to your ultimate holiday dessert bar!

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