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Homemade delicious soft and moist rum fruits cake or Christmas fruits cake with rich dried fruit and nuts slices on wood plate put on wood table with copy for party and celebration. Bakery concept.

Our Favorite Fruit-Filled Christmas Desserts

Tara Carlson

Dec 02, 2018

Between the time off from work, Christmas music, visiting with family, and mounds of presents (both for and from you), there’s no one thing that makes the holidays season so magical. But one thing that never fails to get us in the Christmas spirit is the food! From sweet to savory, there are some Christmas Dessert treats we only get to enjoy during the last month of the year.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding may not be as popular here in the states as it is in the UK and Ireland, but it’s still a beloved dessert that’s becoming more popular each year. Though often referred to as “plum pudding,” this dark-colored dessert doesn’t actually contain any plums — but that doesn’t mean it’s void of any fruit. While many families have their own recipe for the delectable dessert, most puddings are topped with cherries (especially rum-soaked cherries), cranberries, orange zest, or strawberries.


Traditionally topped with whipped cream, strawberries, passionfruit, and kiwifruit, pavlova is often the centerpiece of any Christmas dessert table. And though Australia and New Zealand have had a century-long (and rather fascinating) debate over which country the dessert recipe originated from, we’re just thankful that it made its way over to the United States!

Sweet Christmas Wish Dipped Strawberries

We have one wish this Christmas, and it’s to see these chocolate-covered strawberries on the table of every holiday party we attend! As you might have guessed, these merry berries come hand dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with red and green white chocolate — making them the sweetest gift of all!

Danish Pastry

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or actually dessert time, Danish pastries are always a good choice! With a flaky, buttery outside and fruity puree on the inside, Danish pastries are well-worth the time and energy needed to make them.

Fruit Cake

Any dessert that so seamlessly combines our two favorite things — cake and dessert — surely deserves a spot on this list! While you may need to let this holiday favorite sit for a few weeks before serving, it’s incredibly easy to make. So with only four weeks until the big day, get started on yours today!

Christmas Cheesecake

Straight from the ovens of Junior’s of Brooklyn (home of the “best cheesecake in N.Y.,” according to New York Magazine!) comes our classic Christmas Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake. Topped with its signature red swirl, red and green chips, and Christmas tree pattern, this cheesecake almost looks too good to eat... almost!

Now, who’s ready to treat someone on their “nice” list to one of our favorite desserts?


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