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Your Guide to Throwing the Best Halloween Party

October 16, 2018

No matter how old we get, there’s always a reason to celebrate…especially when the holidays roll around! With Halloween just around the corner, are you finalizing plans for how you’ll celebrate and have a spooktacular day this year? If so, you’ve made your way to the right place, as below we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips and tricks for how to throw the best Halloween party…ever!


Tip #1: Decide on a theme.

You can go in so many different directions with a Halloween party – it can be super scary, scary with a mix of fun, or you can even make it funny if you wanted to! Start by deciding what type of mood and feel you want your party to have, as this will help you figure out what kinds of decorations you need, what type of activities you may want to include, as well as what type of costume you want guests to wear! For example, if you’re trying to keep things more PG, you may want people to come as “friendly ghosts” rather than zombies.

Tip #2: Put up decorations.

It should be obvious that guests are walking into a Halloween party, so whether you’re throwing your event at your house or a party venue, you’ll want to have decorations set up everywhere – strategically though, of course! Decoration ideas may include posters for the wall, cobwebs for the ceiling, pumpkins and cauldrons, and maybe even some life-size figures. Remember, no matter what you choose, just make sure it’s aligned with your theme!

Tip #3: Have place settings available.

Whether you’re serving a full meal or just providing snacks for guests to munch on, you’ll need plates, napkins, cups, and silverware! These too should all be Halloween themed, so be sure to search for place settings that are either just orange and black in color, or that have fun Halloween symbols on them.

Tip #4: Be prepared with enough food.

Speaking of place settings, what are you going to serve guests? Will there be full entrees for them to enjoy? Or, are you sticking with mainly appetizers and dessert? You should definitely expect guests to be hungry, so make sure you have plenty for them to pick on all day and night! For dessert, we recommend a fruit bouquet – they’re perfect for large groups! Along with a fruit bouquet, you may also enjoy these creepy chocolate dipped cherries or these spooky fruit kebabs!

Tip #5: Have music ready.

A party is nothing without some awesome music in the background! In addition to all of the latest radio hits, make sure you include some classic Halloween music on your playlist – you may even want to consider having a specific song playing for all guests when they walk in to really set the mood.

Tip #6: Prepare activities.

You want your guests to have fun, right? We thought so, so make sure that you have some activities planned for throughout the day/night! One in particular that we love is a costume contest – you’d be amazed at how creative some people can be with their costume! If this is the activity you choose, remember to tell your guests your theme ahead of time so that their costume matches.

So, are you thinking of throwing a Halloween party this year? If you still need a costume idea, here are some of our favorite Halloween costumes for couples…enjoy!