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Top 5 Foods to Serve at a Halloween Party

September 27, 2016

The season of celebrating ghosts, goblins and witches is here, and we know that carving pumpkins and going trick-or-treating isn’t the only thing people do to celebrate – there’s also plenty of Halloween parties to be had! If you’ll be taking on the role of Halloween host or hostess this year, we’ve got you covered when it comes to figuring out which foods you’ll serve to your guests:

Halloween witch finger cookies with baking paper and wooden background


Aside from knowing that hotdogs are a fan favorite, we also suggest these because they can easily be turned into something Halloween themed – here, we’re talking about Mummy Dogs. Rather than serve the hotdogs in a bun you’ll want to wrap them in pizza dough, and then you just have to add eyes using mustard or whatever kind of condiment you’d like!


You can never go wrong with pizza, and if you’re feeling festive, you can even turn yours into something spooky! Cue Mummy Pizzas – for this party food, you’ll need English muffins, cheddar cheese slices, sliced black olives and sauce. To turn your English muffin pizzas into mummies, you will need to cut your cheddar cheese into thin strips and then place them strategically to mimic a mummy that’s all wrapped up. Of course, your olives will serve as the eyes!


This cookie recipe takes the term “finger foods” to an entirely new level – literally, you’ll be making “witch finger” cookies. Using ingredients such as butter, sugar, almond extract, vanilla extract, flour, almonds and baking powder (full list of ingredients available in the recipe), you can create an extra spooky treat that guests won’t be able to stop reaching for.

Cake Pops

Halloween is typically all about the sweets, and cake pops can easily satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. In particular, we love this Halloween chocolate-covered strawberries and cake pops assortment since it’s not only delicious, but it gets you in the holiday spirit too. The strawberries and cake pops are all dipped in pure Belgian chocolate, something we’re sure you won’t find just by going trick-or-treating!


Is it really a party if you don’t go bobbing for apples? If you ask us, no fall or Halloween is complete without having an apple at some point, whether it be plain, caramel or dipped in chocolate.

Last, but not least, don’t forget about a Halloween themed fruit bouquet! These are especially perfect for guests who are trying to eat healthy during one of the sweetest times of the year, and with their Halloween designs, fruit bouquets can even double as the perfect table centerpiece before anyone starts to dig in.