How to Plan a Stress-Free Christmas Everyone Will Love

December 13, 2017

Between shopping for gifts, decorating your house, and trying to capture the perfect Christmas card photo, it’s no surprise that the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. But despite what many of us think, our holiday to-do lists don’t have to be as extensive as we think. If you’re already feeling swept up in the holiday hoopla, take a deep breath and let us give you a hand to enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

Start preparing Christmas dinner weeks before.

Even if you can’t exactly make the main course of your Christmas dinner that far in advance, plan out what you’ll be making and grab all of the ingredients you’ll need. Now you won’t have to brave the long supermarket lines or search for your ingredients among cleared out shelves.

Don’t stress about planning the “perfect Christmas.”

Ornaments will break, stores will be sold out of the toy you’re looking for, and one of your appetizers probably won’t turn out as good as it did last year — and that’s okay! While we’d all love a storybook Christmas, sometimes that pressure can put a damper on the effortless joy of the holiday.

Make family time productive.

Who says you can’t spend quality time with your family while still prepping for Christmas? If making dessert is on your to-do list for today, invite your little ones in to help. Your guests will love our recipes for apple and pear ornaments and fruit cake, and you’ll love it even more knowing that you made them as a family.

Know when it’s time to change up your family traditions.

Don’t get us wrong, family traditions are the bread and butter of Christmas time, but it’s important to remember that what your kids loved at five years old probably doesn’t excite them at 15. If hectic schedules and changing interests make planning your annual family trip into New York City feel like a chore, perhaps it’s time for a new tradition — might we suggest a fruit festival or family baking day?

Send gifts directly to your loved one’s home.

Even if you’ll be traveling to your family’s house this season, don’t feel like you need to channel your inner St. Nick and show up with a bag full of presents. Instead of worrying about carefully packaging your gift or whether or not you can take it on a plane, save yourself the hassle and have your gift shipped from our store to their door.

Ask for help.

Don’t let the stress of hosting Christmas take the fun out of the holiday. Take a look at your to-do list and think of what can be handled by someone else. Are you still in need of appetizers or desserts? If so, let us handle it! Our Christmas-themed treats make a beautiful centerpiece that looks as good as it tastes.


With these tips, December really will feel like the most wonderful time of the year!