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Fun homemade snowman pancake breakfast for kids

How to Make Winter Desserts & Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Tara Carlson

Dec 22, 2017

Fun homemade melting snowman cupcakes for kids

There’s only so long that kids can play outside during the winter before the cold starts to set in, or worse — they get snow in their boots. Once you realize it’s time to head inside, you probably start racking your brain for things to do other than watch a movie. Well, that’s why we’re here to help! Not only will kids love eating these snacks and desserts after a hardy day of playing, they’ll love getting to help you make them even more.

Melting Snowmen

While most of us will be happy to see the sun come out in a few weeks, there’s one man who won’t be too thrilled — Frosty. Enjoy the cooler months while they last with these snowman-inspired cupcakes, perfect for winter birthdays, holiday parties, or just a chilly night in.


Step 1: Once your cupcakes have cooled, decorate them with vanilla or white frosting, using a large, circular decorating tip. To make it look like the snowmen are melting, dollop a large amount of frosting first, then top it with one smaller swirl.

Step 2: To make Frosty’s head, stick a marshmallow into the top of your frosting.

Step 3: Let your kids get creative and decorate Frosty however they’d like. Add stick arms (as pictured) by piping melted chocolate on the frosting. Or, pipe arms on wax paper, lay them in the refrigerator, and then stick them into the frosting for a more 3D-effect.

Fun homemade snowman pancake breakfast for kids

Smiling Snowman Pancakes

Perfect for cold winter mornings, these pancakes will turn even the sleepiest kid into a morning person.


Step 1: Once your fluffy pancakes have made their way off the pan and onto your kids’ plate, it’s time to decorate! Spread a thin layer of whipped cream or Greek yogurt on the top of your snowman.

Step 2: Add blueberry buttons to your snowman’s body, and eyes, a carrot nose, and a chocolate syrup smile to his face.

Step 3: While we love snowmen’s signature top hat, just for today we’re trading it in for a sliced strawberry, topped with just a dollop of whipped cream.

Psychedelic Winter Mittens

Psychedelic Winter Mittens

Now these are mittens your kids definitely won’t lose in the snow. The next time you and your kids need to warm up from a day spent playing outside in the snow, bake up a fresh batch of these warm cookies.


Step 1: Once your mitten-shaped, sugar cookies have cooled, lay them on a baking rack and get ready to decorate! For the best results, use powdered sugar icing over thicker whipped or canned icing.

Step 2: Using one color, design a stained glass outline that you’ll later color in. Traditionally, most people choose black or white and use brighter colors to fill in each area. Once your outline has been laid, leave your cookies to cool in the refrigerator for roughly 30 minutes.

Step 3: Once the icing has set, let your kids color in the lines with their favorite icing colors. While you can always use pre-dyed icing, we suggest making your own by mixing brightly colored fruits, like blueberries, strawberries, and oranges into white icing.

Step 4: Leave your finished cookies to cool in the refrigerator once again, this time for at least an hour. Once they’re done, feel free to share and enjoy!

Looking for even more ways to entertain your kids in the kitchen this winter? Try your hand at making our chocolate covered strawberry reindeer or Santa marshmallow cereal treats.


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