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Fresh Homemade Mango Salsa with Corn Chips

Fruit Appetizer Ideas and Recipes

Tara Carlson

Jul 28, 2017

Whether you’re having a small, backyard get-together or a full-fledged birthday bash, every good party starts with one thing — appetizers! And while there’s nothing wrong with a traditional fruit platter, there are so many more creative ways to use fruit in your appetizers. No matter the occasion, your guests will love these easy-to-pick-up finger foods, and you’ll love that you won’t have a slew of forks and knives to clean up afterwards!

Fruit Salsa

While you can use almost any assortment of fresh fruit to make fruit salad, our favorite pairings consist of strawberries, kiwis, apples, and raspberries. In roughly 20 minutes, you can have a chilled appetizer that any child, teen, or adult will love. And while you can always pair your salsa with your favorite store-bought chips, you can also bake your own with just a few flour tortillas, butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Bacon Wrapped Peaches

Make both the meat and fruit lovers in your life happy with this appetizer. For an extra kick of flavor, drizzle your bacon wrapped peaches in a bit (and we mean a bit ) of maple syrup once they come out of the oven.

Dried Fruit

Looking for something light to help fill up your table? Believe it or not, dry fruit is even sweeter than regular fruit, while still remaining a healthier alternative to cookies, chips, and candy. Plus, if you’re really organized and already planning an event for the fall or winter, you’ll now be able to serve tasty spring fruits at your party.

Vodka Infused Fruit Kebabs

Want to really get the party started? Try infusing some of your favorite fruits with a bit of vodka. And while these all green fruit kebabs make the perfect choice for holidays like St. Paddy’s Day, we think they can work for just about any occasion — because who is really going to object to vodka-infused fruit anyway? You can even make them a true kebab by throwing your fruit on the grill. And while you can’t necessarily grill fruit infused with alcohol, you can still have a great time grilling non-alcoholic fruit kebabs for those who don’t drink.

Sweet & Spicy Mexican Mango Slices

Take your appetizer inspiration from somewhere a bit south of the border. Influenced by Mexican street vendors, these mango slices combine all of your favorite flavors into one mouthwatering appetizer.


In need of some healthier appetizer alternatives? Don’t over think it! Sometimes juicy, fresh fruit is 10 times more enjoyable than heavy appetizers. And what better way to present your assortment of strawberries, watermelon, and mango than in a gorgeous fruit bouquet!? Whether the crowd is big or small, fruit bouquets make the perfect summer appetizer for all.

Don’t have time to make an appetizer? With just a few clicks of the mouse, we can have all the fruit you’ll need delivered to your door in no time!


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