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Top Picnic Spots Across America

August 18, 2017

Whether it’s due to the clear skies above or the warm breeze on our face, one thing is for sure — lunch is always more enjoyable when eaten outside. With the summer drawing closer to an end, get the most out of your last weeks by visiting some of the best picnic destinations across the country.

Central Park

Manhattan, New York

Don’t let the name “Concrete Jungle” fool you. Located right in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park covers 843 acres of the island — that’s around 3.5 miles! While there are plenty of attractions to see, including the Central Park Zoo, Bethesda Terrace, and Strawberry Fields, most people love to gather in Sheep Meadow with their friends and family, set up a picnic, and soak up some sun.

Red Rocks Park

Morrison, Colorado

One step into Red Rocks Park and you’ll understand how it got its name. Years of oxidization have left these sprawling mountains an incredible burnt red. Once you’ve enjoyed a nice hike up the mountain side, set up a picnic off of Tunnel Road and enjoy the beautiful view of Colorado. Once you’re done, clean up and head to the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Mount Bonnell

Austin, Texas

Since 1850, millions of tourists and locals have traveled to Mount Bonnell (also known as Covert Park) for its adventurous hiking trails and beautiful views of the city of Austin and the Colorado River. After nature lovers hike up the mountain, they can rest on the historic summit. The two picnic tables that were constructed and added to Mount Bonnell’s summit in 1940 are still there and being used today!

Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, California

With over 13 million visitors each year, you’ll be in good company as you travel around the Golden Gate Park’s 1.5 miles of greenery, lakes, and gardens. But despite its many visitors, there are still plenty of places to enjoy a quiet picnic, like Elk Glen and Pioneer Log Cabin. While you can always show up and hope for a good spot, you can also reserve a table in advance.

Point Dume

Malibu, California

Once you’ve visited the Golden Gate Park, take your adventures further down South for a completely different experience. Located on the coast of California, Point Dume is home to the best hiking trails, rock climbing, and picnic spots on the West Coast. And if you think your picnic spot looks familiar, it may just be. Point Dume’s Westward Beach is a popular filming destination, with scenes from movies like D-Day the Sixth of June, Planet of the Apes, and Iron Man being filmed there, as well as an episode of the ABC Family television show Modern Family.

Oleta River State Park

Miami Beach, Florida

Known for its miles of bicycle trails, Oleta River State Park brings out the adventurer in anyone. Gather for the day and take advantage of its many water sports, like canoeing, kayaking, and swimming, or spend the night in one of the many cabins you can rent.

Walden Pond

Concord, Massachusetts

In addition to its natural beauty, you can experience a piece of history while visiting Walden Pond. For nearly three years, Henry David Thoreau lived on the pond and used it as the inspiration for his book Walden. Unlike many other parks, which now feature man-made creations, like boat houses, zoos, carousels, and restaurants, Walden Pond is considered the birthplace of the conservation movement and known for its truly authentic, natural woods.

Whether your travels take you down the road or across the country, don’t forget to make your picnic truly perfect by topping off your lunch with a delicious dessert from Fruit Bouquets!