Inside the FruitBouquets Offices

First Annual Watermelon Carving Contest

October 10, 2016

Ready…set…carve – watermelon that is! On October 23rd 2016, members of the and teams came together to participate in a watermelon carving contest. With only an hour to work with, four contestants were challenged to artistically carve the most impressive and creative watermelon.
During this nail-biting hour, employees in the office walked in and out of the room to see the excitement and the progress of the carvers. Although it was a competition, the contestants and employees bonded over laughter and guessing who would be the winner! The contestants all had a creative idea of what their watermelon was going to look like. Here’s a little bit of background information on creative carvers:

Joseph Russotto, Assistant Marketing Manager for under, decided to have a watermelon flower showdown by also creating a flower carving like Amanda but made his own spin on it. Instead of carving a flower image on the watermelon, he turned the watermelon into the flower, by creating life-like 3D petals.

Amanda Mihok, Assistant Marketing Manager for, took her love of working for and being a part of the team, and made it into her inspiration for her carving. She decided to carve out a detailed flower with leaves on her watermelon.

Jessica Flareau, SEO & Digital Marketing Coordinator for, took her love for turtles and created a turtle-looking watermelon. She took remaining pieces of the watermelon and made legs and arms, as well etched the shell. For the finishing touch, she ran to her desk to get two round push pins to complete the turtle carving with a set of blue eyes.


Carlos Castro Web Producer on the and, has a love for cats and animals, and decided to showcase that love by creating a cute cat watermelon carving.


Once the one hour was up and all carving utensils had to be put down, the four watermelons were placed in the office lounge so members in the office were able to pass by and vote on which they liked the best. Employees who voted for their favorite watermelon took skill, creativity, detail and overall look into consideration. After some time, the results were in! In first place came Jessica with her award winning turtle. The runner up in second place was Joseph with his 3D flower design. Amanda’s watermelon flower fell short in third place, and Carlos’ cute cat carving came in last place. Although Amanda, Carlos and Joseph did not win, everyone had a fruity-fun blast. Who knew carving watermelons at the office would be so exciting!