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The Best Fruits for Easy Weight Loss

July 12, 2017

Having a hard time shedding those last few pounds? The answer to your problems may not lie in the gym, but rather in the produce aisle. While two cups of fruit a day is the recommended serving for most people, incorporating more of these fruits into your diet may be the secret ingredient missing in your weight loss plan.

Top Fruits for Weight Loss


One of the best ways to lose weight is to drink more water. But for those of us who have a hard time drinking water all day, everyday, there are ways to “trick” yourself into staying hydrated. Just as its name implies, watermelon is mostly water (92 percent to be exact) — meaning it’s a tasty snack that will quench your thirst.


Grapefruit contains vitamin C and A, fiber, folic acid, and potassium. While many swear by the grapefruit diet, you don’t have to eat grapefruit 24/7 to benefit from its fat burning powers. Half a grapefruit and a glass of water before two of your three meals is all you need to kickstart your weight loss.


Whether it’s raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries — if it end in “berries,” you want them on your plate! Strawberries in particular are great because they are less than 50 calories per cup and have tons of vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium — all nutrients that have been shown to suppress your appetite and control blood sugar.


While we still haven’t found evidence that suggests an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an apple a day may keep the fat away. Studies have shown that foods high in fiber, like apples, have been known to reduce visceral (abdominal) fat.


On average, peaches have around 70 calories and are almost 90 percent water, making them the perfect late-night snack. Peaches are also packed with vitamins, iron, and potassium, all while being sodium-free.

Incorporating More Fruit Into Your Diet

Knowing what to eat is only the first step. The second, and arguably more important, step is actually eating these great foods. So how can you incorporate more fruit into your diet?

Keep a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter or desk.

Have you ever heard that just by carrying a water bottle around, you’re more likely to drink it? Well, the same idea works for fruit. When fruit is within arms reach, you’re more likely to choose it instead of fatty snacks, like chips and cookies.

Try drying your fruit.

If you spend a lot of time traveling, it can be hard to keep fresh fruit on hand all the time, but that’s where dried fruit comes in!

Throw fruit on the grill.

The next time you’re gathered around the barbecue, waiting for the hamburgers and hotdogs to cook, throw a few pieces of your favorite fruit on the grill — they take just a few minutes to cook and are actually sweeter than fresh fruit.

Start your morning with a smoothie.

A fruit smoothie is not only a great alternative to coffee in the morning, it’s an easy way to cut useless calories from your breakfast, without sacrificing necessary vitamins and minerals.

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