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Gifts That All Winter Babies Would Enjoy

December 1, 2016

While many of us are just starting to really enjoy the fall weather (who doesn’t love sweaters, scarves and boots?), we can’t escape the reality that winter is right around the corner. So with that said, we’d like to ask: do you know someone who will be celebrating a birthday during the winter season? If so, we want to help you find the perfect gift for them! Here are a few gift ideas that we recommend:

Happy young woman receiving present from beloved man

Fuzzy Socks

Who doesn’t love to put on a pair of fuzzy, soft socks in the winter? We certainly could cuddle up under a blanket all winter long, but the feeling of warm fuzzy socks on our feet is unmatched! If your recipient’s birthday is near the holidays, you may also want to consider a pair of holiday socks (for him, for her).

Winter Accessories

Here, we’re talking items such as gloves, scarves and winter hats. While heavy jackets can keep us warm, our hands, neck and head will be thankful if they have an extra layer of protection! If this is the route you choose, we suggest looking for a gift set so that all of your recipient’s winter accessories match – but if not, you can always mix patterns and colors too!

Hot Chocolate Gift Set

On a cold winter day, nothing tastes and feels as good as hot chocolate does when it slips down your throat. And while anyone could head out to the store to grab a cup, we think it tastes so much better when you make it at home! With that said, a hot chocolate gift set is the perfect idea for anyone who celebrates a birthday during the colder months.

A Day on the Slopes

If your recipient is a fan of snow sports, then we think they would absolutely love it if you planned a day for them to hit the slopes. And even if they aren’t, well, it’s never too late to learn and try something new! But since it will be cold up there on the mountain, we think you may want to supplement this gift with something else – if they have some fuzzy socks to wear during the trip, for example, you and they can rest assured knowing that their feet will be warm!

A Homecooked Meal

Many friends and family members take the birthday boy or girl out to dinner to celebrate, but since winter nights can be so, so chilly, we think cooking them a dinner at home is an awesome idea too! This way, you can all stay cozy inside without having to bundle up to leave the house, yet you’ll still get the awesome treat of a nice meal!


Aside from these winter-specific gift ideas, let us remind you of another gift that anyone, regardless of when their birthday is, would love…food! If we may make a recommendation, we highly suggest this birthday celebration bundle or something similar – it’s super festive AND delicious! Especially if you’re heading to the birthday boy or girl’s house to celebrate and are looking for something that all party attendees can enjoy, a shareable assortment like the ones found here are the perfect choice.