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How to Perform the Perfect Winter Proposal

December 6, 2016

Winter is magical for so many reasons, especially thanks to the holidays, and that said it seems rather fitting that many choose this time of year to propose to their special someone. But just like any other proposal, we know that making things just right takes a lot of preparation, and we want to help!

man putting wedding ring on woman hand. Christmas and New Year decoration - tree, gifts and wedding bouquet

Below, check out some of our favorite winter proposal ideas:

Write it in snow

This one will require you to be flexible since it can be a bit hard to predict when the next snowstorm will hit, but if you’re willing to wait and adjust your proposal date, this idea could be exactly what you’re looking for. There’s nothing like a fresh layer of snow coating the ground, and we think your special someone will just adore seeing the words “will you marry me?” on their front lawn!

String it in Christmas lights

Imagine how it would feel for your significant other to see their name in not just any lights, but Christmas lights?! Not to mention, we think they’d love it even more to see their name in lights accompanied with the words “will you marry me?” If you’re pretty technologically savvy and can put something like this together, there’s no way your S.O. can say no .

Involve snow sports

If you and your significant other are the sporty type and enjoy skiing, snowboarding or tubing, we think it would be awesome to involve your love for the sport(s) somehow. You can do this one of two ways – take your lucky someone up to the top of the mountain and propose before you head down, or, challenge them to a race down the mountain and make sure you end up at the bottom first. Then, once they meet you there, make sure they find you on one knee!

Surprise at midnight

To some it may be cliche, but in our eyes there’s nothing more romantic than a proposal at midnight on New Year’s Eve. As soon as the clock strikes twelve and the ball drops, save your kiss for a few moments later after you’ve had the chance to pop the question. How awesome would it be to start the New Year off being engaged to the person who means the most?

Save it for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day falls within the winter season, so don’t assume you have to propose during one of the first major winter holidays. In fact, if your S.O. knows a winter proposal is coming, saving it for Valentine’s Day might even throw them off a bit if they’re expecting Christmas or New Years! Should you choose Valentine’s Day to be your big day, make sure some chocolate covered strawberries are included somewhere – super romantic!


Speaking of chocolate covered strawberries, you’ll need to celebrate after the engagement, and what better way to do so than by sharing one of these delicious fruit bouquets? It’s certainly going to be a sweet day, and munching on a sweet treat like this together is the perfect way to finish things!