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Top Romantic, Aphrodisiac Fruits

January 31, 2017

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love, desire, beauty and procreation. Not only was she considered the most beautiful woman in the Universe, she also had magical powers that compelled everyone to desire her – and let’s face it, isn’t that the only super power we all really want?

For centuries, certain foods have been believed to have aphrodisiac properties, capable of increasing sex drive. Whether they actually make you perform better or just spice up date night, here are some of the most aphrodisiac fruits.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a fruit more tied to forbidden love and sexuality than the apple. Though most famously known for being the “forbidden fruit” in the story of The Garden of Eden, the apple has famously been incorporated into many other stories and movies, including Snow White and Apples from the Desert.


The mango has long been revered in India for its powers of fertility. In fact, mango leaves are hung above the door of a bride and groom’s new home as a fertility charm. It has also been noted that mangos contain compounds that mimic estrogen and are believed to increase a woman’s sex drive.


…While yes, we know what you’re thinking – that’s not the only reason the banana made it on our list. Banana’s are full of bromelain, an enzyme that has been known to enhance testosterone production. Their high levels of potassium and vitamin B can also increase your energy levels.


Due to it’s shape and texture, unripe papaya has long been believed to be an aphrodisiac for women. And though we don’t suggest you rely solely on this old wives tale, it’s been thought that the seeds of a papaya have contraceptive properties.


While they’re not only one of the most sensual foods portrayed in pop culture (think Kim Bassinger in 9 ½ Weeks) they are also packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants that will keep your immune system in tip top shape.


Pineapples are one of the top sources for manganese – this might be where it got its reputation for fighting impotence in men. In one study, low levels of manganese in males was linked to a lack of sex drive.


Known by the ancient Greeks as the culinary symbol of Aphrodite, the pomegranate represents love and sensual pleasure. Some even believe it was not an apple that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, but actually a pomegranate. Regardless of its mythological past, pomegranates are filled with antioxidants that can help boost your immune system and increase blood flow.


Cherries are filled with dozens of feel good vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamin A may be able to keep your skin looking younger, as it fights free-radicals caused by oxidation. Vitamin B helps increase blood circulation. Vitamin C can also fight aging and hair loss, and vitamin E can help reduce the risk of cancer.


As a common metaphor found in the bible, the fig represents prosperity, sexuality and safety. A fig tree is slow growing and requires constant care and attention – just like a budding relationship. The fig tree is also the only tree specifically named in the Garden of Eden and is what covers Adam and Eve after they give into temptation.