Most Popular Fruits From Around the World

September 15, 2017

Most of us here in the United States don’t go more than a few days without having an apple or banana, which is why it’ll probably come as no surprise that these are the most popular fruits in America. But while these fruits reign supreme here, they’re almost nonexistent in other countries. Everything from soil and growing conditions, to tradition and personal preference plays a major role in how popular a certain fruit becomes in each country. Expand your knowledge of the world by learning a little more about each country’s favorite or most popular fruit.



It’s pretty clear that jackfruit is beloved in Bangladesh — after all, it’s their national fruit and one of their most prized crops! Depending on where and how it’s planted, jackfruit can grow to incredible sizes. Currently, the largest jackfruit on record is more than 100 pounds and two feet long. And could this be the fruit that brings vegetarians and meat lovers together? Maybe! After unripe jackfruit is cooked for about an hour, it starts to resemble the flavor and texture of pulled pork.



Grown more than 5,000 years ago, mangos have stood the test of time and are still one of the most popular fruits in the entire Caribbean. Each year, Haiti grows and exports nearly 3 million cases of Haitian mangoes. And if you’re wondering why you’ve heard this name before, it’s probably because you’ve enjoyed a Haitian mango already! More than half of Haiti’s 3 million cases are delivered to just the United States.



From breakfast, lunch, and dinner to dessert and drinks, this citrusy fruit is perhaps the most popular fruit in Japan because it goes with just about everything. In fact, it’s so popular that there are even yuzu flavored Kit-Kat bars. While the fresh fruit itself hasn’t made its way to the United States just yet, yuzu sauce and paste have become increasingly popular in North America.



Noticing a trend? Just like in Japan, it looks like the Spanish love a good hint of citrus. But unlike yuzu, odds are you’ve enjoyed a lemon from time-to-time in America. As one of the few fruits that can be grown all year long in Spain, lemons aren’t just popular among the Spanish because of their taste, they’re also one of Spain’s main exports.



With 365 days of warm, tropical weather, Jamaica is known for its flavorful, juicy fruits. This legendary fruit was brought to the Caribbean in the 18th century and has been incredibly popular ever since. Years ago, it was even named the national fruit of Jamaica.


Kiwi fruit

Also known as the Chinese gooseberry, the Macaque peach, and the “wonder fruit,” kiwi is the national fruit of China. Grown primarily in the Shanxi region of China, people don’t just love this fruit for its sweet taste, they also love the health benefits it carries. Kiwis are full of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Perhaps this is why it has been referred to as “the healthiest fruit in the world?”



Ever heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” You may need to keep that in the back of your mind the first time you see a rambutan. These bright pink and red fruits with green “hair” may look shocking, but their insides are surprisingly tame. The inside, edible part of a rambutan resembles an elongated golf ball and is bursting with flavor.

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