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Holiday Tips For Staying Healthy & Fit At The Office

December 15, 2016
Healthy Vegetable Lunch Box On Working Desk

While the holiday season is a fun and exciting time, it can definitely take a toll on our wallets and our waistlines. If you have an office job where long hours are spent sitting, coupled with the temptation of delicious holiday treats, you know the struggle to stay fit is oh-so-real! But when it comes to staving off holiday pounds, little changes at work can go a long way. Stay fit at the office this merry month with these healthy tips:

Get Moving

Finding small ways to stay active at work is helpful in burning off extra calories throughout the day. Opt for taking the stairs instead of the elevator and take the long way to the bathroom. Have an important message to deliver to you co-worker in another department? Instead of hitting send on that email, walk over to their desk and deliver that message in person. You can increase your activity level a bit by skipping every other step or even picking up the pace. Getting in those extra steps will do wonders for your body both physically and mentally.  If you have a lunch break, spend the first part of your break making healthy choices and then hit the pavement for some lunch time cardio. You’ll feel invigorated and refreshed when you get back to your desk to tackle the second half of your day.

Take Short Fitness Breaks

Gentle yoga stretches can improve your strength and flexibility and do wonders for reducing holiday stress. Set an alarm on your phone or calendar, reminding you to take a quick fitness break every hour. Stand up and stretch, shake out your legs, relax your shoulders and take a few deep breaths. It’s really easy to become absorbed in work, forgetting to take breaks and move your body. Look for opportunities throughout the day that allow you to stand–whether it be making phone calls or reading emails– you’ll be so glad that you did!

Stay Hydrated

It’s possible to confuse thirst with hunger and since there will be lots of tempting treats around the office this time of year, ensure you are drinking enough water before you reach for those cookies! Staying hydrated will not only support your immune system and help you fight of germs that are prevalent around this time of year, but it can also help reduce your caloric intake. Plus, the more water you drink the more you’ll have to get up to refill your water bottle or take a trip to the bathroom and that just means more steps in your day! It’s a real win-win.

Snack Wisely

Come holiday time in the office, there is certainly no shortage of sugary sweets to tempt even those with the strongest willpower. Making primarily healthy choices throughout the day will help you avoid gaining the festive 15 should you choose to indulge in a tasty treat. Prepping your meals ahead of time and bringing them to the office will set you up for success at lunch. Packing healthy sandwiches and salads, veggies to munch on and delicious fruit will keep you feeling full and satisfied and lessen your chances of reaching for those guilt-ridden cookies later on. Incorporating fruit into your daily diet also comes with the added benefits of providing you with the vitamins and minerals you need to boost your immune system and fight off that winter cold. So grab an apple or an orange too, because no one wants to be sick during the most wonderful time of year!

Are you looking to provide some healthy holiday treats to your office that are delicious too? Skip those sugary cookies and show up with a tasty fruit bouquet. Trust us, your coworkers will thank you for satisfying their sweet tooth without the holiday guilt!