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7 Must-Haves For a Summer Picnic

July 8, 2016

Whether you’re planning a first date, a family reunion, or a simple get together with friends, a picnic may just be the activity you’re looking for. But, before you start planning anything and make things official, remember that there’s a lot more to throwing a picnic than just setting out a blanket and packing some PB&Js (though that doesn’t sound half bad!).


If you really want your summer picnic to be a success, there are seven things you can’t leave your home without. Curious to know what they are? Keep reading!

  1. Even if there will be a lot of talking, a party, date or get together just isn’t the same without some music in the background! Now, don’t think you have to go crazy – something as simple as putting your iPod on shuffle will work just fine. However, if you do want to take things to the next level and bring live music or a large sound system, go for it!
  2. You can ever have enough ice in your cooler! Since we’re sure you’d rather not have spoiled food and warm drinks, you’ll need to have an adequate supply of ice packs at the ready to keep things cool until it’s time to dig in.
  3. Napkins and paper towels. What’s a picnic without enough napkins and paper towels for everyone? As you pack your plates, silverware and cups, don’t forget to throw in a good amount of napkins – if you have to, bring an entire pack!
  4. Just because you wouldn’t use a condiment on a certain food doesn’t mean that nobody else will! To ensure that everyone is satisfied, pack a few travel sized containers with condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you have some seasonings and salt and pepper too!
  5. Garbage bags. Although it sounds obvious, all too often people forget to bring garbage bags to their picnics because they think that the park or field they’re going to will have garbage cans set up. But since you should never just assume, always have some garbage bags packed that you can use to clean up once the day or night is over.
  6. Even if you have a picnic planned for just two, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with some games and activities! In your trunk or in your picnic tote, be sure to include a deck of cards, a volleyball, a soccer ball (you get the idea), so that you have something ready if needed.

Can you guess what the seventh most important must-have for any summer picnic is? Of course, it’s the food! But we’re not just talking about the main meal, we’re also talking about dessert. Our personal favorite dessert to serve at a summer picnic (or any get together, really) is a fruit bouquet – they’re delicious, they’re sweet, they’re shareable, they’re healthy, and they don’t require too much work on your part!