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How To Find Perfectly Ripe Fruit

February 8, 2017

What isn’t there to love about fruits? They’re delicious, sweet, and best of all healthy. The only downside is that they can be a challenge to prepare (pomegranates anyone?). Whether you’re getting ready for a big party or just making dinner at home, these fruit hacks will make your life just a bit easier.

No More Unripe Avocados

It turns out that, that small little knot on the top of avocados can play an important role in getting the freshest fruit. The next time you hit the grocery store looking to make guac, remove the stem of the avocado. If the skin behind it is brown and tough, that piece is too ripe. If it is a yellowish, greenish color – that one is just right!

Look for the Striped Peaches

If you find a peach with a defined, yellow stripe across the top, don’t throw it back into the pile. The yellow line means the peach swelled up against the branch it was hanging from and therefore had more time to ripen.

No Dull Limes

Normally when you’re looking for the perfect fruit, squeezing is a big no, no. But we’ll make an exception for lemons and limes. First, look for a lime that is shiny and free of any bruises or blemishes. Once you’ve found one, give it a gentle squeeze. Ideally, you want it to be firm, but still somewhat soft and malleable.

Find the Right Sounding Watermelon

Next time you pass by a mound of watermelons, grab the one that has the most withered stem.  An old stem is a sign of maturity and probably means the melon is more ripe. But to really find the best of the best, tap along the side of a watermelon. A ripe one will have a deep hollow sound, while under or over-ripe watermelons will sound dull.

When in Doubt, Choose the Brightest

When it comes to fruit, the brighter the better. When the acids in fruit break down and turn to sugar, the green chlorophyll breaks down to reveal the fruits natural colors. Vibrant blue and red, shiny berries or golden yellow bananas are probably going to be the freshest.

Know the Power Fruits

We all know fruits are essential for a healthy diet, but depending on your specific needs, some fruits are better than others. With the ability to do everything from shed belly fat to combat diabetes, these are the best “power fruits” for the job.

  • Blueberries: Looking to burn a little more fat before bathing suit season? Blueberries can reduce the amount of fat tissue the body creates.
  • Apples: An apple a day may keep the cardiologist away. Apples have been shown to decrease “bad” LDL cholesterol.
  • Strawberries: Adding a few strawberries into your morning cereal or as a late night snack can help fight against cancer.
  • Grapefruit: Adding grapefruit to your diet can decrease your risk of insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes.
  • Cranberries: Save your smile by adding a handful of cranberries to your morning breakfast. Cranberries have proanthocyanidins, which helps kill the bacteria that causes dental cavities.