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Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

October 18, 2018

Aside from getting to dress up and watch scary movies, we know that the one thing most children (and probably some adults too) look forward to most about Halloween is the candy. But even though we love chocolates, sour candies and other sweets too, we also know that they aren’t ideal for our bodies when consumed in large quantities.


With that said, we’d like to share some healthier alternatives that you can have in the house as Halloween approaches this year. Take a look below:

Trail Mix

It doesn’t matter whether you make your own trail mix or buy a pre-packaged version in the store – either way, this is an excellent treat for children since it’s still tasteful, but not over-the-top with sweets.

Granola Bars

We suggest these because although they’re healthier than eating an entire bag of candy at once, there are still plenty of kinds that come with added flavors for a sweeter taste – for example, some granola bars have chocolate chips or chocolate drizzled on top.

100-Calorie Packs

These are great to have on hand because while you can find snack packs that are filled with fan favorite sweets and treats such as cookies, they’re perfectly portioned and low in calories! So, when you’re tempted to dive into a pack of candy or chocolates, you can munch on these instead and take more control over your serving.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and work on getting your daily servings of fruit. These chocolate covered strawberries are even designed with Halloween in mind, which can certainly help you get in the holiday spirit as you dig in!


We know most kids aren’t going to voluntarily reach for an apple over Halloween candy, but they might when you have some of these chocolate dipped apples available. Just like with chocolate covered strawberries, these apples will take care of your chocolate craving while also providing the benefits that come along with eating fruit.

By now you can probably see where we’re headed – in general, fruit is one of the best healthy alternatives. That’s why we also recommend having a fruit bouquet at home for everyone in your family to pick on! This Halloween themed arrangement comes with a variety of fruit, and since it’s shareable, everyone can enjoy it!

Now, while this all isn’t to say that you have to be the house that doesn’t hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, at least having these on standby will give your children (and you) something healthy to turn to in the midst of a sugar rush!