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5 Wonderful Health Benefits of Pumpkins

October 14, 2016

Although most would probably agree that pumpkins are for carving and for decorating for fall/Halloween, we all know that during this time of the year, it’s all about pumpkin flavored foods and drinks too – there’s pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin beer, pumpkin spice muffins, and then of course there’s the seeds you have left over after carving.


That said, let us ask you this: did you ever think about the possible health benefits that pumpkins can bring? While you may think of pumpkins to be more of a seasonal symbol and décor item, today we’re here to tell you that eating this squash can bring you a ton of health advantages! Some of our favorite include:

  1. Pumpkins can improve eye health. You may have heard that certain foods can help keep your vision sharp, and truth is, pumpkins are one of them! Vitamin A plays a big role in your vision and eye health, and a cup of cooked, mashed pumpkins contains the vitamin A that your eyes need!
  2. Pumpkins can help your skin. Speaking of vitamin A, pumpkins can also help your skin retain its youthful glow! That’s because vitamin A is an anti-aging nutrient, and like we mentioned in benefit #1, pumpkins can provide you with the intake of vitamin A that your body requires!
  3. Pumpkins can help with weight loss. Believe it or not pumpkin is actually a great source of fiber, and some say that diets rich in fiber encourage people to eat less, which, you guessed it, can help with weight loss! An added benefit is that pumpkins are relatively low in calories too, so they help fill you up without consuming too much of your caloric intake. If you’re looking to give a pumpkin treat a try, you can bake your pumpkin, boil it, or roast it! We think roasting in particular is pretty easy for your first try – it’s really just like roasting any other kind of squash, and you can use it in a few ways, such as in a salad or in a soup.
  4. Pumpkins can be good for heart health. It’s no secret that nuts and seeds can help with heart health, and pumpkin seeds are no different! That’s because they contain chemicals known as phytosterols, which sources say help to reduce levels of bad cholesterol.
  5. Pumpkins can strengthen your immune system. Feeling a bit under the weather due to the change in season and temperature? Pumpkins may be able to help with that! Going back to vitamin A, this important nutrient can help your body stand up against infections, and the vitamin C pumpkins provide may also be able to help you fight and recover from a cold!

How many of these health benefits were you familiar with before you read this? If this is your first time hearing of them, we bet you’ll think twice about pumpkins just being for fall décor now! Although pumpkins may not be the first thing you reach for when you’re hungry, perhaps it’s time to rethink things – just like other fruits and vegetables, pumpkins can work wonders!