Fruit Facts

How to Say ‘Fruit’ In 50 Different Languages

July 17, 2017

If you live in Thailand, odds are you love purple mangosteen with your breakfast. If you live in Haiti, you probably prefer gooseberries in the morning. Every country has their own favorite sweet treat, but no matter what your favorite fruit is, one thing is clear: a love of good fruit is universal! So whether you’re just curious, or you want to know how to order fruit on your next international trip, we thought we’d share 50 different ways to say “fruit” around the world.

  1. Afrikaans: “Vrugte”
  2. Albanian: “Fruta”
  3. Catalan: “Fruites”
  4. Cebuano: “Bunga”
  5. Chinese: “Shuǐguǒ”
  6. Croatian: “Voće”
  7. Czech: “Ovoce”
  8. Danish: “Frugt”
  9. Dutch: “Fruit”
  10. Esperanto: “Frukto”
  11. Filipino: “Prutas”
  12. Finnish: “Hedelmä”
  13. French: “Le fruit”
  14. Galician: “Froita”
  15. German: “Frucht”
  16. Greek: “Karpós”
  17. Haitian Creole: “Fwi”
  18. Hawaiian: “Ka hu”
  19. Hungarian: “Gyümölcs”
  20. Icelandic: “Ávöxtur”
  21. Igbo: “Mkpụrụ”
  22. Indonesian: “Buah”
  23. Irsh: “Torthaí”
  24. Italian: “Frutta”
  25. Japanese: “Furūtsu”
  1. Khmer: “Phlechheu”
  2. Korean: “Gwail”
  3. Kurdish: “Mêwe”
  4. Latin: “Fructus”
  5. Lithuanian: “Vaisiai”
  6. Macedonian: “Ovošje”
  7. Malay: “Buah”
  8. Maltese: “Frott”
  9. Nepali: “Phala”
  10. Norwegian: “Frukt”
  11. Polish: “Owoc”
  12. Portugese: “Fruta”
  13. Romanian: “Fruct”
  14. Russian: “Frukty”
  15. Samoan: “Fua”
  16. Slovak: “Ovocný”
  17. Spanish: “Fruta”
  18. Sundanese: “Buah”
  19. Swahili: “Matunda”
  20. Swedish: “Frukt”
  21. Thai: “P̄hl mị̂”
  22. Turkish: “Meyve”
  23. Vietnamese: “Trái cây”
  24. Welsh: “Ffrwythau”
  25. Yiddish: “Frukht”

Now that you know how to say fruit, it’s time to enjoy some fruit! Whether you’re having a backyard barbecue or summer birthday bash, fresh fruit is always a must!