Fruit Facts

Best Exotic Fruits & Vegetables to Try in the Spring

March 24, 2017

Ah spring! Long have we waited for you to arrive. Winter may have stuck around for our friends on the East Coast a bit longer than expected, but warm weather is just around the corner. And along with every new season, we get fresh, new and exotic fruits! If spring cleaning also means trying to clean up the way you eat, start by adding these delicious in season fruits to your diet now:

In Season Spring Fruits


Thanks to greenhouses, pineapples tend to be around all year long, but their peak season is from late March through early July – meaning now is the time to get some of the best pineapples around. Nothing says time to make pina colada’s like a perfectly ripe slice of pineapple!


When early Spanish explorers entered the jungles of Central America, one of the first foods they found were large, green tree fruits with leathery skin. Little did they know, the avocado would become one of the most popular fruits of the 21st century. In California, avocados are in season for around 10 months out of the year, but for those of you on the east coast, this fruit is in season for the next three months.


Just like the fruit, apricot season is short and sweet. Apricots are a late spring, early summer fruit, so get your hands on them while you still can!


There may not be a more popular warm weather snack than a handful of chilled berries. Berry season in North America begins in April and lasts until October. And thanks to Mother Nature, our winter is South America’s summer, so that means we have berries at our fingertips almost all year long.


For those of you living a bit further south, plums are just beginning to make their spring debut and should be around until October. Sorry to those of you further up North – you’ll have to wait until about May to get your hands on this delicious nectarine/peach crossover.

Exotic Fruits and Veggies Currently in Season

Plums, strawberries, and avocados – these are all pretty common in the supermarket nowadays, but when was the last time you saw a cucamelon? There’s no denying your go-to fruits are delicious, but this spring, break outside of your comfort zone and try a few of these unfamiliar fruits and vegetables.


Cherimoya, also known as a custard apple, is a fruit native to the Inca people. Peak season for this South American fruit is March – May, so there’s still plenty of time to get your hands on what Mark Twain called “the most delicious fruit known to men.”


This leafy vegetable has been native to North America, Europe, and Asia for hundreds of years and is a beloved spring veggie. Watercress is commonly referred to as one of the healthiest foods in the world, because in addition to its many vitamins and minerals, it’s also grown pesticide-free.

White Strawberries

Also known as Pineberries, white strawberries are not genetically engineered like many think, but rather an old, South American variety of strawberries. Though they are a cross between a pineapple and strawberry, most people have said that they taste like traditional red strawberries. Nonetheless, they make an amazing garnish for fruity drinks and fruit platters!


There’s a strong possibility that this is the cutest fruit you will ever find! Also known as “Mouse Melons,” these cucumbers grow to just one-inch long and can be popped in your mouth like grapes. Since their skin is naturally tough and crunchy, they can get overly hard if left on the vine for too long.

Morel Mushrooms

If you’re a mushroom lover, you have to try this favorite among gourmet chefs. While morel mushrooms only look slightly different from your typical mushroom, their rich taste and unique texture certainly sets them apart. And if it turns out that you love them, you may have even discovered a new hobby. Mushroom hunting is a popular outdoor activity for food and nature lovers alike.