Your Guide to Enjoying Christmas with a Full House

December 20, 2017

If leaves are in the dinner table, extra towels are in the bathroom, and new sheets are on every bed, it can only mean one thing: You have guests staying for the holidays. Especially if it’s friends and family you haven’t seen in awhile, you’re probably pretty excited for them to stay over. But after the initial wave excitement settles, you may start to feel a bit overwhelmed. If you’re suddenly questioning how you’ll configure sleeping arrangements, how you’ll keep everyone entertained, or how you’ll feed this small army, we’ve got a few tips that may help ease your nerves.

Plan a shower schedule ASAP.

In a perfect world, half of your guests would be morning showerers and the other half would be night. But if you have half a dozen people trying to shower in the morning, daybreak might not be so pleasant. Instead of refereeing fights for the bathroom, give each person a 15-minute block of time to enjoy the bathroom all to themselves. Now, everyone will know when it’s their turn.

Give guests space in a closet.

Whether in a part of your own closet, the hall closet, or the spare bedroom, make sure guests have a place to store they’re clothes, especially if they’ll be staying for more than just a day or two.

Make bathroom essentials easy to find.

No guest wants to go on the hunt for Tylenol in the middle of the night or have to constantly be bothering the host for toilet paper or a washcloth. Instead, take a few of your personal items out (like makeup and your blow dryer) and leave a few spa items on the counter or at the front of your medicine cabinet.

Plan ahead for the sudden influx of cars on your road.

If you can’t fit your guests’ cars in your driveway or your neighborhood doesn’t allow street parking, don’t leave it on your guests to find their own spot. Instead, look into reserving a spot nearby.

Stock up on snacks and drinks.

If you’re comfortable with it, invoke a “mi casa es su casa” mentality among you and your guests. This will keep you from playing hostess the entire week and allow you to enjoy your time with everyone. Make sure food and drinks are easily accessible by leaving coolers with ice and drinks out in the backyard. And keep fresh fruit at the ready all day every day with our Christmas-themed holiday treats.

Account for any kids staying over.

If your house is typically kid-free throughout the year, you may need to plan some activities for the little ones. Might we suggest getting a jump start on your holiday desserts by making these apple and pear ornaments or reindeer bites with your younger house guests.


When it comes down to it, all your guests really want is to spend time with you, so breathe, enjoy the holidays together, and don’t overthink it!