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Ways to Celebrate Fall Birthdays

September 1, 2016

Did you know that September 16th is the most popular birthday in America? It’s true, and if you are a September baby, we wouldn’t be surprised if you too celebrate on this particular day! But regardless of which day you actually blow out your candles, we’re super excited about upcoming birthdays because they take place during one of our favorite seasons – fall!

As we look forward to cooler weather and our favorite seasonal activities, we’d like to share some of the best ways to celebrate fall birthdays – take a look below.

Apple Picking

For those birthdays that take place in early fall, apple picking is an excellent way to spend the day! That’s because you’ll have many more apples to choose from at the beginning of the season rather than at the end after everyone’s already taken their pick. And let’s face it, we’re sure you’ll want to have enough apples stashed in your kitchen to make apple pie, cinnamon apples and more all throughout the season!

Pumpkin Picking

Once all of the apples are gone and we get closer to Halloween, pumpkin picking is the next best activity! Grab your family and friends and head down to your nearest pumpkin patch to start your search for the perfect pumpkin. Once you’ve all found one you like, finish off the day by heading home and having a pumpkin carving contest!

Fall Festival

Know of a fall festival that’s coming to town? Then you’ll definitely want to carve out some time to attend! Fall is one of the best times to be outside (we love sweater weather, don’t you?) and there’s no feeling that compares to being surrounded by friends and family while you participate in fall games, activities such as the two mentioned above, and don’t forget about the hay ride!

Scary Movie Night

For those with a birthday closer to Halloween, a scary movie night is an awesome way to celebrate. You can choose a series of scary movies and watch them in chronological order or select a few movies with different storylines – either way, there’s nothing like a good scare sometimes!

Haunted House

Speaking of a good scare, a night out that includes a trip to a haunted house is another favorite of ours. To get the best of everything, you may want to consider starting the day by going apple or pumpkin picking, then head to a haunted house as it gets dark, and then finish off the night with a scary movie!

Once you’ve decided on an activity for the day/night, the next step would be to plan out the food! Will you be eating out or dining in? One thing’s for sure – no birthday is complete without a fruit bouquet that everyone can share. Whether you munch on it during your scary movie marathon or take a bite here and there in between a fall festival and a trip to a haunted house, we know you’ll love its sweet taste!