The Many Ways to Prepare Fruit This Fall

October 13, 2017

The best thing about fruit is that it’s always ready to be eaten — no prep work or timers required. But while we all love biting into a fresh piece of fruit, it’s also fun to change things up once in a while, especially with the colder weather fast approaching. So turn on your oven, fire up the stove top, and break out your grill once again because we’re sharing some of the most interesting ways to prepare fruit this fall. Continue Reading…


Perfect Gifts for the Pumpkin Lover

October 13, 2017

Sure, October is the first full month of fall and the month that Halloween and Columbus Day are in, but all of that pales in comparison to the fact that it’s the first month that pumpkins are in season! From pumpkin spice to pumpkin pie, we all have that one friend (or heck, maybe it’s you) who loves all things pumpkin. In honor of the “pumpkin-mania” we’ve all fallen under recently, we’re sharing the different ways you can get the many flavors and decorations that pumpkin has inspired into your home this season. Continue Reading…


How to Make These Scary Homemade Halloween Treats

October 13, 2017

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone, adults and kids alike, who doesn’t associate Halloween with candy. But you don’t need a doctor to tell you that the mound of candy kids eat during the Halloween season isn’t good for them. While a little sugar here-and-there is fine, days of Halloween parties leading up to the big day can leave your kids with a week-long sugar rush. Instead of relying solely on regular old candy this season, try (sneakily) adding these monster-inspired snacks into your little one’s next Halloween celebration. Continue Reading…


October Birthday Fun Facts and Gift Ideas

October 9, 2017

Let us at Fruit Bouquets be the first to say it — happy birthday, October babies! Sure, to some October is all about Halloween and the return of pumpkin spice, but for you, it’s all about your birthday! In honor of your (or your best friend’s) birthday month, we’re sharing a few little-known facts about the first full month of fall and the people born in it. Continue Reading…


Nutritious Fall Fruits and Vegetables

October 2, 2017

Yes, the end of summer means saying goodbye to your pool, the beach, and your favorite berries. But there’s a lot more to fall than hayrides and Halloween (though we’re certainly looking forward to those). We’re talking, of course, about all of the incredible fruits and vegetables that come along with the changing of the seasons! But our fall favorites are good for a lot more than just getting us in the autumn spirit, they’re also rich in vitamins and minerals — meaning we can all snack guilt-free! Continue Reading…

Lifestyle & Activities

Fall Inspired First Date Ideas

September 29, 2017

Summer lovin’” may have had us a blast, but with fall just around the corner, we’re changing our tune! From the cozy sweaters to the many (and we mean many) , now is the perfect time to surprise the person you love with a fun fall outing. After all, this is the season for *falling* in love! Continue Reading…

Gatherings & Events

Have Some Family Fun at These Fall Fruit Festivals

September 21, 2017

When summer comes to an end, many of us feel like it’s time to throw on our winter coats and bunker down in our homes for the next few months. But even though the summer is ending, there’s still plenty you can do outside. Dare we say, you might even enjoy the great outdoors more now that the sun won’t be beating down on you. For that reason, towns across the country are preparing to celebrate the cooler weather, and the delicious autumn fruit that comes along with it, with these fall fruit festivals. So mark your calendar because these fall activities won’t be here forever! Continue Reading…

Party Food

Fun and Fruity Fall Inspired Cocktails

September 19, 2017

The seasons aren’t the only things that are beginning to change — so are our taste buds. As the warm evenings of summer become the cool nights of fall, it only makes sense that our favorite cocktails match the changing temperatures. With sweater weather officially upon us, it’s time to welcome apples, pears, and of course, pumpkin, back into our cocktail Rolodex. This season, relax and unwind with a few of these fall inspired cocktails. Continue Reading…

How To's & Fruit Tricks

Simple Ways to Incorporate Apples into Your Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

September 16, 2017

“Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” While you’ve probably never heard this expression, you’ve probably heard the proverb it inspired — “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

While we can’t exactly guarantee that eating an apple each day will forever help you to avoid visiting the doctor, there may be a bit more truth to that statement than we thought. One 2011     study found that regular consumption of apples could decrease your risk of a stroke. Another study found that middle-aged adults who ate at least one apple a day had lower levels of bad cholesterol. But regardless of what these studies suggest, there’s no denying that apples are part of a well-balanced diet, that’s why we’re sharing a few tips and recipes that will help you incorporate more apples into your diet. Continue Reading…


Most Popular Fruits From Around the World

September 15, 2017

Most of us here in the United States don’t go more than a few days without having an apple or banana, which is why it’ll probably come as no surprise that these are the most popular fruits in America. But while these fruits reign supreme here, they’re almost nonexistent in other countries. Everything from soil and growing conditions, to tradition and personal preference plays a major role in how popular a certain fruit becomes in each country. Expand your knowledge of the world by learning a little more about each country’s favorite or most popular fruit. Continue Reading…