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How to Make Vodka Infused Green Fruit Kebabs

Amanda Mihok

Mar 11, 2017

Get the party started with this super easy centerpiece, made from the freshest green fruits around! Turn up the fun by infusing the fruits with vodka, because let’s face it – everything tastes better when you add in alcohol! These vodka infused green fruit kebabs are perfect to serve for any party or St. Patrick’s Day bash!

Vodka Infused Green Fruit Kebabs

Prep Time:

  • Infusing fruits – 3 hours
  • Assembling kebabs – 15 minutes

Yields: 20 – 30 kebabs


  • 2-3 large kiwi’s
  • ½ honeydew melon
  • ½ lb green grapes
  • 2 green apples
  • ½ - 1 liter of vodka
    • Varies based off how infused you would want the fruit to be


For Fruit Kebabs

  • Large knife
  • Large bowl
  • Paper towels

We also made the cute planter bucket to display the fruit kebabs instead of on a platter. All you’ll need is a small to medium bucket and place dry planter foam inside. Hide the foam by placing a flat based artificial plant or fresh kale!



1. Wash and prep your green fruits.

  • Peel off kiwi skin and cut into slices
  • Remove skin from honeydew and cut into cubes
  • Keep grapes whole
  • Cut apples into cubes

2. Place all sliced green fruits into a large bowl. Immerse fruits with vodka. Let sit for 3 hours or longer.


3. Once your fruit is infused, start assembling your kebabs! Stack your fruits as you wish on each of the kebab sticks.


4. Arrange your vodka infused fruit kebabs in the bucket as you wish.

Now you're ready to serve up some fun!