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College care package ideas

Perfect College Care Package Gifts & Ideas

Check out these college care package gift ideas to make your student's life a little easier.

Tara Carlson

Sep 14, 2017

With roughly a month of school under their belt, most first-year college students are starting to understand just what it takes to live on their own — from navigating their way around a laundry machine to cooking their own meals. Naturally, every parent would love to come to their child’s rescue, but that’s not always an option (especially when your not-so-little-one is out of the state). But no matter how far away you live from your college student, there are still plenty of ways you can help make their lives just a little easier. Yup, we’re talking about sending a care package!

Fresh fruit

With buffets and snack tables at nearly every turn, eating well in college is not easy. An assortment of strawberry smiles and fresh fruit is exactly what your child needs to satisfy their late-night cravings. Plus, they can enjoy sharing these juicy treats with their new friends and roommates.

A special message

No one denies how great texting is. It’s fast, easy, and keeps you in almost constant communication with anyone in the world. But it’s also pretty impersonal. Send your loved one something they’ll cherish throughout their four years of school in the form of a message in a bottle. These customized messages can be sent any time of the year, whether it’s your child’s birthday or you just find yourself missing them a little more than usual.

Fine jewelry

The first few weeks of college can be nerve-racking, so a special gift from mom and dad will certainly comfort any student. Really wow them with a piece from our signature jewelry collection, like a monogram necklace or wire cuff bracelet. And don’t think we’ve forgotten about the guys! An engraved watch or collar stays will have your son ready for any job interview or meeting that comes his way.

Personalized home decorations

Making a dorm room feel like home can be a task on par with acing your last final. But personalized blankets, wreaths, and picture frames can add that much-needed personal touch to any room.

Bath and shower gifts

A lot of great things are associated with going away to college: independence, seemingly endless amounts of free food, and new experiences at every turn. But the one thing no one likes about dorm life? The communal bathrooms. Sharing a shower with a dozen strangers probably isn’t your child’s idea of relaxation…but a luxurious spa gift basket probably is!


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