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7 Essentials For a Date Night at Home

Amy Ansalone

Dec 28, 2016

Scheduling regular date nights is so important for couples. It’s an opportunity for romance, helps you connect with your partner and is a chance to just have fun with the one you love. If you are a busy couple who finds it difficult to venture out for the night, don’t worry -- just bring the date to you! These seven essentials are everything you need to have an exciting date night at home, without having to hit the town:


Music sets the mood wherever you go. From romantic melodies that relax you to upbeat songs that get your heart pumping, choosing the right music will set the tone for an amazing evening. Make your playlist ahead of time so that you have the opportunity to carefully select all of your favorite tunes. Include some slower ones to enjoy during dinner and mix in some faster paced ones because, let’s face it, an impromptu dance party is likely!

Wine and Cheese

No date night at home would be complete without wine and cheese! Set up a home happy hour to serve before you dig into your dinner. If you’re in the mood for a bottle of red and some perfectly paired cheese, this basket will do the trick and make you feel like you’re picnicking with your partner in the park.

Candles and Flowers

There’s no better way to set the tone for your romantic date night at home than by decorating with candles and flowers. Lighting candles will keep things cozy, creating the perfect setting for good conversation. You can also add some elegance to your table with romantic flowers like these that help create the ambiance for your dreamy date.


Avoid the hassle of making a reservation and the busyness of a restaurant by making dinner together at home! Whipping up a meal with your date is a fun bonding activity that will bring you closer. Plus, you’ll be so proud of yourselves when you get to enjoy the delicious results. Take the guess work out of what to cook by preparing one of these mouthwatering steaks and don’t forget the sides too!


Make your date night a tech-free one by leaving your phone in another room and breaking out the games! Whether it be a card game, board game, or even one that you make up together, having a playful night will lighten the mood and allow you to let your hair down.


A great way to unwind after a busy week is by cuddling up with the one you love and watching a movie. This is where those candles that you setup earlier come in handy! Pick a movie that you’ve been dying to see and get cozy on the couch. You can’t watch a movie without munching on some popcorn, of course! This assorted popcorn box will provide a selection of crunchy goodness that will make you feel like you’re watching on the big screen!


Still have room for dessert? We know you do! Stick to your date night theme of fun, romance and sweetness by indulging in a dessert that incorporates all three -- chocolate covered strawberries! If you want to mix it up a little, this fruit bouquet incorporates an array of juicy fruits and chocolate covered pineapple hearts. There is no better way to end your date night at home with your hunny!

Who says you have to go out to have a blast? Just grab some popcorn, put on a movie, and pop open the wine because you’re about to have a memorable date, without having to move a muscle!


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