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Your Guide to Apples: 7 Types of Apples Explained

Shannon O'Connor

Sep 16, 2016

Ever try to pick out an apple or two at the grocery store and find yourself unsure of which type of apple you should go for? Or, what about going apple picking and having the opportunity to pick from different types of apple trees? While to many people an apple may just be an apple, the truth is that there is something special and different about each type out there - whether it be red delicious, mcintosh, granny smith, or something else.

Below, we’re breaking things down for you so that you can get to know apples a little bit more:

Red Delicious

Red delicious apples are considered to be the most popular apples in the United States, and they are likely what you see when you first start looking through apples at the supermarket. These apples are typically characterized to be on the softer side and are considered top heavy, but regardless they sure are juicy when you bite into them!

Granny Smith

Another popular choice is the granny smith apple - you’ll be able to recognize one instantly due to its bright-green skin. These apples are said to have a harder feel to them and are described as having a super tart taste when you take a bite. If you aren’t a fan of the tart taste, though, you can still enjoy these - you just have to cook them first to make them sweeter!


McIntosh apples are another variety that aren’t very firm, landing them on the list of softer apples. Since this is so you probably wouldn’t want to choose these if you were looking to use them in a recipe that requires baking, but they sure are awesome for eating raw or even for apple sauce.

Golden Delicious

Despite the name similarity, golden delicious apples are not related to red delicious apples. One of the most unique characteristics of golden delicious apples are their skin color - usually a bright yellow. Keep in mind that these apples don’t have a long shelf life, so you’ll need to use them as soon as possible to prevent them from going to waste - a good place to start would be using them for an apple pie this fall!


Contrary to golden delicious apples, fuji apples are a relative of red delicious apples and are described as being large and crisp. As far as taste goes, fuji apples are known to be super sweet, which makes them the perfect choice if you’re looking for a delicious yet healthy snack.


Honeycrisp apples join the list of those that are perfect for a snack. As their name suggests these apples are in fact crisp, but they’re also juicy too! Most describe honeycrisp apples as being sweet (just like honey!), however you may notice a slight tartness as well when biting into one.


One characteristic that will give away a gala apple is its shape - these apples are typically taller than they are wide. As a result of having thin skin and a deliciously sweet taste, these types of apples are usually preferred to be eaten uncooked, although they certainly can be cooked too if you so desired.

Now let us ask you this - which type of apple is your favorite? Do you prefer red delicious, honeycrisp, gala or another variety? We’d love to hear about the apples that you love the most, so be sure to share your thoughts with us!


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