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Fall Inspired First Date Ideas

September 29, 2017

Summer lovin’” may have had us a blast, but with fall just around the corner, we’re changing our tune! From the cozy sweaters to the many (and we mean many) , now is the perfect time to surprise the person you love with a fun fall outing. After all, this is the season for *falling* in love!

Visit a Brewery

Any beer lover will tell you that the best way to experience beer is straight from the brewery itself. But not only will you enjoy some of the best beer you’ve ever had, you’ll also enjoy the energy that comes along with being in a brewery — making it the perfect off-the-beaten-path (but still not too unusual) first date idea.

Pack a Picnic

Picnics tend to be more associated with summer, but in reality, no weather is more ideal for picnics than fall. From the hills of Colorado to the beaches of California, there are dozens of picturesque picnic destinations across the country for you and your loved one to explore.

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking is a fall staple. Once you’ve both found the best pumpkins in the patch, take them back home and let your creative side out with a pumpkin carving contest. As you sit back and admire your creations, put the insides of your pumpkin (which are brimming with health benefits) to good use by incorporating them into your candlelight dinner.

Go Stargazing

As the hustle-and-bustle of summer begins to wind down, there’s no better place to enjoy crisp fall nights than in an open field or on the hood of your car. While you enjoy a star-lit dinner, take a look up at the sky and try to find as many constellations as you can.

Visit a Haunted House

There’s really only one month out of the year that you can visit a haunted house, so don’t let October pass without enjoying some spooky fun. Plus, nothing bonds two people together quite like being chased by a creepy clown. Just make sure to talk to your date first, and make sure they’re also a fan of all things scary.

Go for a Hike

Whether it’s the cool air or the color changing trees, there’s just something about fall that makes everyone want to get outside and take in all that the Earth has to offer. Lace up your boots, pack some snacks and hit the trails ready for a romantic walk through the falling leaves.

Apple Picking

Crispy apples (as well as the many delicious foods and drinks they’ve inspired) are one of the best parts of autumn. Plus, few things are as romantic as wandering around an apple orchard, hand-in-hand.

Walk Around a Farmer’s Market

Looking for a little more variety in your fruits? You’ll be hard-pressed not to find a farmer’s market in the fall, seeing as how apples, pumpkins, squash, and pears are all now at their peak freshness. As you wander about, encourage each other to taste as many foods as you can find — so long as you’re allowed to, that is!

Try Your Luck in a Corn Maze

Who said kids are the only ones who can enjoy a good corn maze? With mazes seeming to get more and more complicated each year, spend an hour or two away from the “real world” as you meander about some of the country’s most incredible corn mazes.


Looking for one more way to make sure your first date is one to remember? End the night with one of our signature fall-inspired fruit bouquets that are perfect for sharing!