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Unique Items to Include in Care Packages for College Students Away From Home

August 27, 2016

Despite how eager and excited they may seem to start living independently, college students who choose to live away from home are bound to miss their parents and feel a little bit homesick at some point. That’s where the beauty of care packages come in – wouldn’t you love to receive something from someone you love and miss, especially as you’re just getting settled into a new environment? We sure would, which is why today we’re here to share some items that will definitely be a hit when included in a care package:

Group of exchange students looking very happy
  1. Childhood memories. What was your child’s favorite toy or game growing up? Although their childhood years are over, sending them something nostalgic will absolutely put a smile on their face as they reminisce over simpler times and remember what it was like to be a carefree kid.
  2. Scrapbooks. Though your college student probably already packed some photos to place in his or her dorm room, a homemade scrapbook is something they’ll definitely want to add to their bookshelf. At the very end, you may even want to consider including a handwritten note to let your child know how much you care!
  3. School supplies. Your college student might be prepared for their classes now, but we can bet that a few months from now they’ll be missing half the pens and pencils they started with. So, keep them stocked! And then send them some more, since they might be missing their new supplies a few months later too.
  4. Gift cards. Especially to restaurants for when your college student gets bored of the dining hall! But don’t just choose any restaurant – make sure that the gift cards are to somewhere close by, especially if your child is unfamiliar with the area.
  5. Baked goods. You can bet that your college student will miss your cooking, and they’ll especially miss those foods that they can’t get anywhere but at home. So, if you have a family recipe for something that your child loves, think about baking for them!

Speaking of baked goods and food, we have another treat that your college student AND their roommates will love – a fruit bouquet! Not only are they filled with fruit, which makes them healthier than the other snacks your child and his or her friends are probably eating, but they can also be made in different sizes so that there is enough for everyone to share – it doesn’t get much better than that!