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“Fruit – O – Lanterns” Orange Fruit Cups

October 22, 2018

How To Make Spooky Orange Fruit Cups for Halloween


Not all Halloween treats should come from a wrapper. Satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween with fruit while making it visual appealing for guests and events! Put your own creative spin on these Fruit-O-Lanterns by choosing what fruit to include and what spooky faces to carve. Even get your friends and family involved in creating these and make it a Halloween tradition!

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DIY Fruit Crafts, Gatherings & Events, National Days & Holidays

How to Make Spring Garden Pudding “Dirt” Cups

March 30, 2017

How to Make Spring Garden Pudding “Dirt” Cups

Grow your creativity with these fun and delicious chocolate pudding cups, layered with Oreo cookies, coconut and chocolate covered strawberries that look like carrots! These simple and easy-to-make treats are perfect to make for your “little gardeners”, or to bring to any spring gathering and holiday!

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