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Two friends with ice cream

25 Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Tara Carlson

Aug 03, 2017

We all know that the building blocks of good health are exercise and diet. But are we maybe missing one important element? Humans have always been social creatures. So much so in fact, that having a group of close friends can actually prolong your life. So it seems only necessary that we honor the important bond that is friendship each year on National Friendship Day!

This year, grab your closest friends and celebrate National Friendship Day, which falls on the first Sunday of August, with a few of these fun activities.

  1. Have an early Friendsgiving. Who said November is the only appropriate time for Friendsgiving?
  2. Get in touch with an old friend. Thanks to Facebook, it’s easier than ever to find them!
  3. Head outside for a tech-free day. Take advantage of the last month of summer by heading out for a hike or swim.
  4. Plan a barbeque. Once again, you’ve only got a few precious weeks of summer left, so take advantage of them!
  5. Have a board game night. Because these were always the best nights when you were younger.
  6. Surprise your friend with something. Birthdays shouldn’t be the only time you give your friend something special, so surprise them with their favorite snack or flowers!
  7. Have a movie marathon. Bonus points if you watch movies centered around friendship, like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Clueless, Love & Friendship, and Thelma & Louise.
  8. Talk about your first impressions of each other. You’ll be surprised by how much your friendship has changed over the years!
  9. Give them a giant hug. And don’t forget to thank them for being a great friend!
  10. Call your friend on the phone. If your best friend lives far away, you probably text them all the time. But when was the last time you called them?
  11. Take part in a random act of kindness. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend in the process!
  12. Volunteer together. Helping others is a great way to strengthen your bond as friends.
  13. Make friendship bracelets. No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to rock a friendship bracelet...or keep it discreetly in your jewelry box.
  14. Go out to dinner. Or, stay in and embrace your own Top Chef.
  15. Learn a new skill. Have you both always wanted to learn chess? What about a new language? If so, today is the day to learn!
  16. Flip through old photo albums. Pick out some of your favorites and make a collage.
  17. Create a playlist for each other. Then, crank up the speakers and have an impromptu dance party.
  18. Try your hand at a DIY craft. Might we suggest these magical, unicorn chocolate covered strawberries?
  19. Visit a local karaoke spot. And hopefully work up the nerve to actually get up and sing!
  20. Go to the park. Don’t forget to pack a picnic.
  21. See a local play. Local shows are always full of talent, inexpensive, and support your community — win - win - win!
  22. Wake up super early and watch the sunrise. When you’re not rushing off to work or to get the kids to school, it’s surprisingly peaceful in the morning.
  23. Then, visit all the local garage sales you can find. You’re already up, so why not?
  24. Visit a museum together. Whether it’s fashion or history, there are plenty of ways to take in some culture.
  25. Go on a scavenger hunt. There are plenty of lists you can download from the internet, but you can make it more personal by creating your own!

As long as you’re with close friends, there’s no wrong way to celebrate National Friendship Day!


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